Aeger tipularis S5

Aeger tipularis
Aeger tipularis Aeger tipularis plate Aeger tipularis rostrum Aeger tipularis legs Aeger tipularis uropod Aeger tipularis matrix


SPECIES NAME:  Aeger tipularis

Phylum Arthropoda, Subphylum Crustacea, Class Malacostraca, Order Decapoda, Family Aegeridae

GEOLOGICAL AGE: Upper Jurassic
(150 million years old)

STRATIGRAPHIC FORMATION: Solnhofen Plattenkalk (limestone)

LOCATION: Eichstatt, Bavaria, Germany

DESCRIPTION:  This is a very large, handsome fossil of the Jurassic era crustacean Aeger tipularis, preserved within the world-famous Solnhofen limestone of Eichstatt, Germany. 

This complete and very large specimen of Aeger tipularis is well-centered upon a very nice block of Solnhofen limestone, with the rostrum, carapace, abdomen and uropod well-preserved, and with the legs nicely derived. One short antenna arises just anterior to the eye, with one longer antenna flowing in a graceful arc downwards within the matrix.  The block of limestone is solid and exhibits both a beautiful golden-orange tinge with numerous artistic splotches of darker orange-brown staining as well as marginal dentrites (inferior margin).  This is a very fine example of a well-preserved, very large Solnhofen shrimp at an affordable price.

GRADE:  4.00 (Out of 5.0) Please see grading system.

Specimen- 18.4 cm (7 1/4”)(length-outer curve from tip of rostrum (head) to end of uropod(tail)), with width of carapace being up to 3.4 cm and long antenna length = 12.5 cm (4.9”)
Matrix-  27.7cm (10.9”)(length) x  30.8 cm


PRICE: $950



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Price: $950.00