Aeschnogomphus intermedius S3

Aeschnogomphus intermedius
Aeschnogomphus intermedius Aeschnogomphus intermedius plate Aeschnogomphus intermedius head Aeschnogomphus intermedius right wing Aeschnogomphus intermedius left wing Aeschnogomphus intermedius caudal


SPECIES NAME:  Aeschnogomphus intermedius

Order Odonata, Family Aktassiidae

GEOLOGICAL AGE: Upper Jurassic
(150 million years old)

STRATIGRAPHIC LOCATION: Solnhofen Plattenkalk (limestone)

LOCATION: Eichstatt, Bavaria, Germany

DESCRIPTION:  This is an exquisite fossil of the Jurassic era dragonfly Aeschnogomphus intermedius preserved within the world-famous Solnhofen limestone of Eichstatt, Germany.  

This positive-plate, complete and large fossil is well-situated and centered upon the matrix in the dorsal posture, rising from the matrix in high relief. The head with eyes are nicely preserved, as are the thorax and segmented abdomen, with caudal appendages well-defined. The anterior-most pair of legs are nicely preserved, and the outstretched wings exhibit exquisite detail in a rich golden hue, with venations prominently evident, particularly in oblique lighting. The beige to golden brown  tinge of the matrix beautifully highlights this exquisite and rare, large museum-grade specimen which would be a centerpiece of any fossil dragonfly collection.

GRADE: 4.22 (out of 5.0) Please see grading system.

Specimen- 12.3 cm (4.84”)(length-from tip of head to end of caudal appendages), with wingspan being 19.3 cm (7.6”)
Matrix- 41 cm (16.14”)(length) x 21.2 cm (8.35”)(width)


PRICE: $4,500



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Price: $4,500.00