Araucaryoxylon arizonicum A2

Araucaryoxylon arizonicum
Araucaryoxylon arizonicum Araucaryoxylon arizonicum center Araucaryoxylon arizonicum left Araucaryoxylon arizonicum lower Araucaryoxylon arizonicum upper right


GENUS/SPECIES NAME: Araucaryoxylon arizonicum

Kingdom Plantae, Class Pinopsida, Family Araucariaceae
(taxonomy currently in question; may represent any of three species)

GEOLOGICAL AGE: Triassic (200-250 million years old)


LOCATION: Northern Arizona (Holbrook)

DESCRIPTION: This exotic and spell-binding slab is riveting in its panorama of gorgeous hues, with the off-center silicified heartwood comprised of a radiance of reds, oranges, grays and violets, and with flares of yellow interspersed by splashes of red, violet, gray and white in gradations of concentric circles which lead to a peripheral rim of oranges outlined by variable lines of black. A dramatic showpiece sure to grace any home and/or fossil wood collection, and at a very reasonable price!

SIZE: 36 cm (14 1/8 “) x 32.75 cm (12 ¾”) x 1.5 cm (5/8”)


PRICE: $735



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Price: $735.00