Araucaryoxylon arizonicum A6


GENUS/SPECIES NAME:  Araucaryoxylon arizonicum

Kingdom Plantae, Class Pinopsida, Family Araucariaceae (taxonomy currently in question; may represent any of three species)
GEOLOGICAL AGE:  Triassic (200-250 million years old)


LOCATION:  Northern Arizona (Holbrook)

DESCRIPTION:  This is an absolutely magnificent slab of Araucaryoxylon arizonicum of great size, illuminated by a dramatic constellation of colors ranging from peripheral oranges, yellows and gray/white to splotches of violet and pink-gray. Outlines of gray-black to black demarcate the peripheral portions of this trunk transverse section.   As the eye continues towards the center of this piece, one encounters concentric ribbons of charcoal gray interspersed by splotches of orange, yellow and pink, with the central heartwood illuminated by radiating oranges, yellows and reds interrupted by grays and blacks.  These patterns are divided by several small, irregular hollows (resin canals) which add further texture to the piece.  This spectacular slab, while suitable as a piece of art of its own as a wall hanging or over a fireplace mantle, could also serve as the tabletop of a magnificent living room end-table once protected by a glass cover.

SIZE:  56.6 cm x 53.0 cm x 3.0 cm OR 22.28” x 20.87” x 1.18” (16.3 kg)


PRICE:  $2,200


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