Araucaryoxylon arizonicum A7


GENUS/SPECIES NAME:  Araucaryoxylon arizonicum

Kingdom Plantae, Class Pinopsida, Family Araucariaceae (taxonomy currently in question; may represent any of three species)

GEOLOGICAL AGE:  Triassic (200-250 million years old)


LOCATION:  Northern Arizona (Holbrook)

DESCRIPTION:  Every slab of Araucaryoxylon arizonicum possesses it’s own special character.  This slab is no exception.  Subdued oranges, yellows and pink/violets mingle within a background of varying shades of gray, intricately divided within the sapwood through more central parenchyma by concentric to radiating black streaks.  The central heartwood portion of this slab is highlighted by a starburst pattern of grays of varying hues, interspersed by spotches of orange and tan.  A masterpiece of subdued color, pattern and texture, this transverse section conveys a mood all its own!  For the rainbow wood connoisseur with a practiced eye.

SIZE:  40.6 cm x 37.8 cm x 1.9 cm OR 15.95” x  14.88” x 0.75” (5.3 kg)


PRICE:  $850


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