Dapedium punctatus

Dapedium punctatus
Dapedium punctatus Dapedium punctatus plate Dapedium punctatus Dapedium punctatus head Dapedium punctatus tail


GENUS/SPECIES NAME: Dapedium punctatus

Superclass Osteichthyes, Class Actinopterygii, Superdivision Neopterygii, Order Semionotiformes, Family Dapediidae

GEOLOGICAL AGE: Lower Jurassic (180 million years old)

LOCATION: Holzmaden, Bavaria, Germany

DESCRIPTION: This is an enormous and complete, quite rare Dapedium punctatus fossil centered in a gorgeous slab of Holzmaden oil-bearing shale.  The Dapedium specimen exhibits a virtually complete skull with well-prepared and prominent mandibular teeth.  The pectoral fin is complete, with the dorsal and anal fins partly to largely complete and exceedingly well prepared. The same is true of the tail, which exhibits delicate detail indicative of the efforts of a master fossil preparator.  As is nearly always the case, portions of the tail, dorsal and anal fins have been lost to decay and/or predators, with the preparator carving the matrix distal to these preserved structures in order to effect complete fin compositions.  The rhomboid-shaped enamel-like ganoid scales yield a gem-like quality to the body of this beautiful specimen, with an undulation in this pattern which extends from the interface with the skull to the fleshy tail representative of the vertebral column.  Beautifully complementing this enchanting fossil is the Holzmaden shale slab within which it was discovered.  The slab is nearly 3/4” thick and presents a richly textured surface which elegantly contrasts with the glossy nature of the centralized fossil specimen.  This is one of the very finest and largest Dapedium fossils I have ever seen, and certainly merits a central position in any museum-grade fossil collection!

GRADE:  4.56 (Out of 5.0) Please see grading system.

 Matrix-68.6 cm (27”) long x 48.3 cm (19”) wide
 Specimen-29.7 cm (11 ¾”) long x 17.2 cm (6 ¾”) wide


PRICE:  $13,500



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