Diplodocus Longus Vertebra


GENUS/SPECIES:  Diplodocus longus

Class Archosauria, Superorder Dinosauria, Order Saurischia, Suborder Sauropodomorpha, Superfamily Neosauropoda, Family, Diplodocidae

GEOLOGICAL AGE:  Upper Jurassic (145 million years old)


LOCATION:  Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

DESCRIPTION:  This is a very handsome example of a more distal caudal vertebra of Diplodocus longus, the late Jurassic sauropod.  Bone quality is superb and hard, a rich dark brown to black, with the dorsal process being well-preserved.  The spinal cord foramina is readily visualized, and the proximal and distal intervertebral disc surfaces are variably ruggated to pitted. Osteophyte formation along the vertebral body proximal and distal margins is quite apparent.  There has been some lateral compression of the specimen, not surprising when considering the geologic forces of 145 million years to which the specimen was subjected.   A most handsome specimen at a very reasonable price, not to be missed!

GRADE:  3.75 (Out of 5.0) Please see grading system

SIZE:   19.2 cm x 15.0 cm x 5.7 cm


PRICE:  $500


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