Eryon arctiformis S1

Eryon arctiformis
Eryon arctiformis Eryon arctiformis plate Eryon arctiformis antenna eyes Eryon arctiformis left pincer Eryon arctiformis right pincer Eryon arctiformis tail



Order Decapoda, Family Tetrachelidae

GEOLOGICAL AGE: Upper Jurassic
(150 million years old)

STRATIGRAPHIC FORMATION: Solnhofen Plattenkalk (limestone)

LOCATION: Eichstatt, Bavaria, Germany

Description:  This is a lustrous example of the Jurassic lobster Eryon arctiformis, preserved within the world-famous Solnhofen limestone of Eichstatt, Germany. 

This fossil is complete and is gracefully situated near the center of a glowing slab of Solnhofen limestone in a dorsal posture.  The head with eyes and antenna are beautifully preserved, as are the carapace, tail and anterior arms with pincers. A posteriorly situated pair of legs without pincers is also evident.  The specimen sits in high relief within the matrix, a testament to the exquisite preparation of this fossil. This represents a gorgeous example of the Reptantia Eryon arctiformis sure to add substantively to any collection of the fossils from the Solnhofen Plattenkalk.

GRADE: 3.9 (Out of 5.0) Please see grading sysytem.

Specimen- 10.8 cm (4 ¼”) (length) x 8 cm (3.15”)(width)
Matrix- 28 cm (11”)(length) x 20 cm (7.9”)(width)


PRICE: $1,500



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Price: $1,500.00