Pinus arizonica A9


GENUS/SPECIES NAME:  Araucaryoxylon arizonicum

Kingdom Plantae, Class Pinopsida, Family Araucariaceae (taxonomy currently in question; may represent any of three species)

GEOLOGICAL AGE:  Triassic (200-250 million years old)


LOCATION:  Northern Arizona (Holbrook)

DESCRIPTION:  Another distinctive and radiant slab of Araucaryoxylon arizonicum displaying a kaleidoscope of colors, with rich and deep reds and oranges emanating from the heartwood center.  Gorgeous deep yellows, violets and reds are distributed in lush ribbons of color more peripherally, extending to the margins of the slab, with gentle lines of black in parallel to the bark and delineating the oldest portions of the sapwood.  A most elegant and vibrant artistic beauty, this transverse section embodies much of why Araucaryoxylon arizonicum slabs are so desired within the collection of discerning natural history museums and private collections the world over.  All at a very modest price-not to be missed!

SIZE:  36.0 cm x 31.0 cm x 1.7 cm OR 14.17” x 12.2” x 0.67” (3.5 kg)


PRICE:  $675


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