Seirocrinus subangularis H1 volume 2

Seirocrinus subangularis crowns 2 and 3
Seirocrinus subangularis crowns 2 and 3 Seirocrinus subangularis plate Seirocrinus subangularis stems Seirocrinus subangularis stems cross Seirocrinus subangularis stems detail Seirocrinus subangularis log


Please Note: Seirocrinus subangularis H1 is a large and complex specimen with many points of interest, worthy of additional viewing. 

This record (Seirocrinus subangularis H1 volume 2) includes additional photographic detail. The following description is repeated from the previous record, for ease of  study.

GENUS/SPECIES NAME: Seirocrinus subangularis

Phylum Echinodermata, Class Crinoidea, Family Pentacrinitidae

GEOLOGICAL AGE: Middle Jurassic (approximately 180 million years old)

STRATIGRAPHIC FORMATION: Posidonienshiefer Formation

LOCATION: Holzmaden, Bavaria, Germany

DESCRIPTION: This is a gorgeous example of a Seirocrinus crinoid fossil derived from the world-famous shale of the Posidonienshiefer Formation, Holzmaden, Germany.

This phenomenal specimen is situated upon a majestic slab of Holzmaden shale having dimensions of 172 cm x 81 cm (67.3 inches x 31.9 inches). Four stems are affixed to a jet black log with circumscribing pyrite, with each of the stems gracefully flowing upwards in elegant, variably interwoven arcs to culminate in expansive, glowing pyritized crowns fanning upwards and outwards, having respective widths of 40 cm, 28 cm, 28 cm and 13 cm. The glory and exquisite beauty of this specimen both in part and in its totality is truly beyond words. A steelframe is embedded within the back of the slate slab for stability, with this specimen ready for hanging. A true centerpiece of any fossil collection and a fossil décor seeker’s dream!

More photos of this extraordinary specimen can be found here.

GRADE: 4.71 (Out of 5.0) Please see grading system.

Specimen-148.6 cm (58 ½ inches) x 58 cm (23 ¼ inches)
Crowns having widths of 40 cm, 28 cm, 28 cm and 13 cm
Matrix-172 cm (height) x 81 cm (width)


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