Single Seirocinus subangularis HC2

Seirocinus subangularis
Seirocinus subangularis Seirocinus subangularis plate Seirocinus subangularis detail Seirocinus subangularis detail Seirocinus subangularis detail Seirocinus subangularis stem


GENUS/SPECIES NAME:  Seirocinus subangularis

Phylum Echinodermata, Class Crinoidea, Family Pentacrinitidae

GEOLOGICAL AGE: Middle Jurassic (approximately 180 million years old)

STRATIGRAPHIC FORMATION:  Posidonienshiefer Formation

LOCATION: Holzmaden, Bavaria, Germany

DESCRIPTION: This is a handsome example of a Seirocrinus crinoid fossil derived from the world-famous shale of the Posidonienshiefer Formation, Holzmaden, Germany. 

This splendid pyritized specimen is situated in its original large slab of Holzmaden shale having dimensions of 69.2 cm x 59.7 cm (27 1/4 inches x 23 ½ inches).  A single stem arcs leftwards and upwards from the right lower corner of the slab, with five breaks in the stem of varying size, extending longitudinally to a quite large crown fanning through a width of 36.8 cm (14 ½ inches). The leftmost  approximately 40% of the crown has been repaired/reconstructed. This is a fine example of a Holzmaden Seirocrinus crinoid fossil in its original matrix offered at a very reasonable price for such a handsome and rare specimen.

GRADE:  3.29  (Out of 5.0) Please see grading system.

Specimen-58.5 cm (23 inches) in length x 36.8 cm (14 ½ inches) in maximal width
Crown having a width of 36.8 cm (14 ½ inches)
Matrix-69.2 cm (27 ¼ inches) x 59.7 cm (23 ½ inches)


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Price: $15,950.00