Steneosaurus bollensis H1


GENUS/SPECIES NAME:  Steneosaurus bollensis

Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Sauropsida, Infraclass Archosauromorpha, Suborder Thallattosuchia, Family Teleosauridae

GEOLOGICAL AGE: Early Jurassic Period, Toarcian Age (approximately 180 million years old)

STRATIGRAPHIC FORMATION:  Posidonienschiefer Formation (Posidonia Shale)

LOCATION: Holzmaden, Bavaria, Germany

DESCRIPTION: This is a gorgeous and radiant example of  the pyritized remains of a mid-sized Steneosaurus bollensis (marine crocodile) within a Holzmaden shale plate which captures approximately 20-25% of the most caudal portion of the skull through the mid-trunk, with the cervical vertebrae, cervical ribs, more cephalad thoracic vertebrae and associated ribs, body armour (scutes), and right forelimb represented, along with select portions of the left forelimb.  Two thoracic ribs extend within the more superior portion of the plate and just caudal to the left posterior aspect of the skull.  The fine bones of the manus arising from the right forelimb are beautifully portrayed.  In life, the Steneosaurus would have been approximately 192-227 cm (76”-95”) in length.  The preparatory skill expressed in the meticulous approach to this specimen and the care attended to each scute and bone is wonderfully evident.  This graceful and museum-worthy specimen affords a glimpse into the early Jurassic of the Tethys Sea and the surrounding environs of the time, all at a most affordable price.

GRADE:  4.38 (Out of 5.0) Please see grading system.

Specimen-45.5 cm (17.9”) in length along the curve x 25.5 cm (10”) in width, from lateral aspect of the right manus to the superior margin of the dissociated, anteriorly situated rib
Matrix-54.5 cm (21.45”)((height) x 45.5 cm (17.9”) (width)


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