Tarsophlebia eximia S4

Tarsophlebia eximia
Tarsophlebia eximia Tarsophlebia eximia plate Tarsophlebia eximia head Tarsophlebia eximia right wing Tarsophlebia eximia left wing Tarsophlebia eximia caudal


SPECIES NAME:  Tarsophlebia eximia

Order Odonata, Family Tarsophlebiidae

GEOLOGICAL AGE: Upper Jurassic
(150 million years old)

STRATIGRAPHIC FORMATION: Solnhofen Plattenkalk (limestone)

LOCATION: Eichstatt, Bavaria, Germany

DESCRIPTION:  This is a gorgeous fossil of the rare Jurassic era dragonfly Tarsophlebia eximia, preserved within the world-famous Solnhofen limestone of Eichstatt, Germany. 

This negative-plate, complete and beautifully preserved fossil is well-situated and centered in the matrix.  The head with eyes are nicely preserved, as are the thorax and segmented abdomen, with the subtle caudal appendages clearly apparent. The impressions of all three pairs of legs are readily seen. The two pairs of wings are fully spread and exhibit a gorgeous golden hue as well as demonstrate very nicely defined venation, particularly in oblique lighting.  The block of limestone is solid but discloses several partial thickness, repaired cracks, with one crack passing subtly through the anterior thorax and a second crack with proceeds through the mid-abdomen and proximal one-third of the left-sided wings. The beige tinge of the matrix speckled with orange-brown (and with areas of more extensive orange-brown staining) beautifully highlights this graceful, museum-grade specimen.

GRADE: 3.44 (out of 5.0) Please see grading system.

Specimen- 9.5 cm (3.74”)(length-from tip of head to end of caudal appendages), with wingspan being 13.1 cm (5.16”)
Matrix- 24.0 cm (9.45”)(length) x 15.0 cm


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