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Ann and I hope that you will both marvel and be fascinated by the rich array of fossils, minerals and other exotic artifacts we offer within our site.  As a biomedical researcher, physician and forensic scientist, my initial foray into fossil collecting in 2004 sparked my imagination and led me into one exploration after another.  I have indeed been very fortunate to take part in a variety of fossil excavations both in the United States and abroad, and have in the process developed friendships from around the globe.  As the field of paleontology embraces a broad expanse of science, from geology to zoology to developmental biology, the opportunity for self-education never ends, which has made this endeavor for us intellectually rich.  Additionally, art and science often overlap in an exquisite manner within this science of paleontology.  As both Ann and I are also actively engaged in various artistic pursuits, one of our principal goals has been to convey within these webpages the embodiment of this art/science convergence within pieces carefully selected for your viewing pleasure from around the world.  We hope that, upon perusing this site, you will discover the joy we derive from gazing upon their sublime natural beauty!

Best Wishes,
Rick Hellman


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