Shari Sikora

Ceramics Artist

The ceramic art of Shari Sikora embraces a rare fusion of masterful craftsmanship, a genius of form and line, and chromatic beauty. Each piece stands alone both as a gem of artistry and as an expression of personality, with a sense of  imbued whimsy and joy.

Shari’s legged boxes “speak” to the viewer with a verve and humor, with flourishes on some of her pieces suggesting a Persian influence and a Tim Burtonesque “Nightmare Before Christmas” appeal.  Other, smaller Raku pieces convey a more distinctive Japanese influence.  

Her large vase as portrayed in these pages exhibits a fusion of organic texture and water imagery, while the large emerald teapot radiates a distinct Japanese tea ceremony-like flair. 

While all of her pieces are for decoration only and are not designed to hold water, their distinctive design and Raku finish complement many of the fossil gems gracing these pages, especially the bold contrasts embodied by the Poseidonshiefer pyritized fossils of the Holzmaden shale. 

We hope that you enjoy their unique and whimsical, other-worldly beauty!


Read Shari Sikora's Artist's Statement here.

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